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Neş'e Erberk Preschool

Neş'e Erberk Preschool

Neş'e Erberk Preschool

Neş'e Erberk Kindergarten was established in 2002 as the first and only 'Kindergarten Implementing Talent Development Program' in Turkey that provides education to the 1.5 - 6 age group. Today, we are expanding our corporate identity and understanding with a total of 39 kindergartens in all regions of Turkey, 11 of which are in Istanbul.

We take education seriously, we implement it with joy...

Our school has been established with the aim of recognizing, developing and directing the innate and lost talents of children in early childhood with the support of professional educators, leaving the classical kindergarten rote learning and imposing education patterns, and continues on its way in constant change and development.

The main aim of our school is; To ensure that children feel happy in a safe environment full of love, in a social group, express their dreams and wishes with confidence, and become individuals who are sensitive to themselves and their environment and aware of their responsibilities.

In addition to the Ministry of Education program, education methods (Gems, Scamper, Reggio Emilia and High Scope) are applied in our education program. In addition to the mother tongue, science-nature, game activities and literacy preparation activities we have done in line with the co-education model we apply, creative drama, music activities based on orff teaching, drama, ballet education are carried out in our concept classes with rotation, while supporting the holistic development of the student and discovering his abilities and skills. and is being developed. In addition, other activities such as weekend hobby activities and birthday party organizations are also held at our school.

We continue our education at primary and secondary school level with our Istanbul Ortaköy and Malatya branches...


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